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Precision Farming

Agriculture has undergone a technical revolution with the introduction of Advanced Farming Systems (AFS): a new way for farmers to use technology in a way that increases efficiency and reduces costs.

AFS uses enhanced GPS technology to achieve positioning accuracy down to 2.5cm to ensure optimal use of seeds, fertiliser fuel and time.

Nicholsons can supply the latest AFS technology on both new Case IH tractors or retro-fitted to your existing equipment. The solution includes the Case IH AFS software which allows you to manage all your precision farming data to create layouts, reports charts and maps. The AFS software runs on an in-cab touch-screen which acts as a universal controller for any attached machinery. Because it uses the standard ISOBUS communications protocol the solution is compatible not only with Case IH machinery but also those from other manufacturers.

The solution is fully supported by specially trained Case IH engineers through the AFS support centre which is contactable 7am to 7pm every day, and all our AFS customers have access to the Case IH AFS Academy app so that you are thoroughly trained and able to get the most benefit from your equipment and AFS technology.

Contact Agricultural Sales on 01692 580513 or by email for further information.

More information is also available on the Case IH website.